My outlet was always music growing up in CT but it wasn't till I made my start at a music studio where I found my passion for photography/videography. As a visual designer at the studio, I  had the opportunity to make music videos, album art, live music photography, touring, and more.

I was lucky enough to meet so many inspirational people along the way whom gave me the push to just go for it and pursue my dreams of being a professional photographer. 


I started traveling for work and ended up landing in Charollete, NC and then to Raleigh, NC where I lived for a couple of years. I got opportunities to work for the AKC, work for a media production company and also, dive into wedding photography (which I quickly realized how much I enjoyed capturing the wedding couple's story.)


After traveling, I made my way back to CT to replant my roots with an all-new mindset and a bunch of great experiences. I try to keep my style consistent throughout all my work. Picking my favorite type of photography is like picking a favorite song.. There are too many good ones it just depends on the mood really. 


Let's grow together.

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